On The Road…


I have been shooting images of the Road between Aspen and Los Angeles for the past several years in an effort to put together a series that defines that trip in an informing and artistic manner.

I chose to shoot this series since early 2011 on the iPhone using a couple of specific filters with the Hipstamatic camera App. I chose this camera and filters because I wanted a rougher looking image than the more refined images I would get with a standard camera. I am a painter and I wanted these photographs to have the look of paintings.

From hundreds of images filed over some 40 trips back and forth to Santa Monica I have finally edited the group and just recently printed 25 of the images.

So I was fine with the grainier, more atmospheric look of these prints. It is exactly the look I want…horrors say the purist! Think painting.

I have printed most of these Archival Digital Prints on Epson Luster Paper and they measure 36”x36”, with a few at 24”x24”.

As I put the group together and realised,again how important weather and an active sky can be to making these images “work”, I began to recognize the fact that all my work in all media have one overriding element in common and that is they all have a very important focus on the sky. Atmoshere has always been a big source of inspiration for me and of course that has translated into an ongoing ,sometimes unconscious attention to the sky, night, day, at the edges, whenever.

Many are on the Web site and we hope to do a show of this group in the near future.

I would love to hear your comments.