Getting Started


This will be my first entry on the Blog on the newly redesigned Web site and I will be adding entries periodically that revolve around my artmaking and  the various influence on that artmaking and general goings-on. Comments will always be welcome.

Special thanks to Kelly Aford for the design of the site and to Jennifer Swanson for the actual construction of thel site. Well done… Thank you very much..

Theres a lot going on in the studio right now and I am working on several concurrent series of work that at times seem all over the place to me but ,hey…I have to go with the flow. Its drawing,  painting and camera work… and all of it seems to have a common thread …and that is my ongoing interest in the natural world and in the natural sciences.

Those two interests drive every thing I produce as an artist.

This site covers my work since the mid ‘90s and you will see those interests manfested in the work whether in the geometric work, the Night Skies, the Icebergs, the LIghtning, or the Fire series or in the more recent work concerning birds and thier  habitat.

So please check in once in a while and see whats going on down here in the Basalt Studio…and elswhere

So if you are at the Music Festival maybe you have come to the site because of the Ad I placed in the 2013 Summer Program?  Would be great to know if thats a fact.