One of the current themes I am working on concerns my interest in birds…Birds of all kinds, but I have a particular interest in Crows and Ravens. They are fascinating creatures..very smart and possess a lot of attitude.

I have done a number of paintings and drawings of crows and they are usually rendered in red against the night sky or a stormy atmosphere…Some of these works are quite large on Arches paper…60”-72” ….and they are sometimes just pinned or stapled to the wall. The reason for showing them in red as opposed to their normal, very handsome bluish-black, is strickly and abstract decision to highlight them agaist a dark ground. They look good red…they seem even more mysterious then they normally are.

There are a number of images on the site of this work and I would be interested in any comments.

One thought on “Crows

  1. hi dick, we’ve met a few times over at kelly and glenn’s. i love birds and i was transfixed tonight by the passage of hundreds of crows heading northeast at sunset and i thought what the heck is going on, they seemed to be landing over at lazy o. i had never seen it before. i am currently fascinated with ravens and crows reading “mind of the raven” bernd heinrich and would love to talk to you about birds and see your work and show you some of my bird cups. isn’t life grand!! oh so i got on the internet and googled migration of crows in the roaring fork valley and your website came up, and was so excited to see your work and to see that you have had a similar transcendent experience of seeing them fly overhead. all the best, laura smith

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